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Utah Street Network Dataset

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Category: Transportation Data Type: Line GIS data Steward: UGRC

The Utah Street Network Dataset is derived from the Utah Roads dataset and is designed to be used for network analysis, including drive times, routes, and service areas.

This dataset is updated monthly in conjunction with the Utah Roads update schedule.

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A closer look

While data used to support network analysis has many potential parameters, at a basic level, two components are especially important: 1) connectivity and 2) impedance (i.e. travel speed/costs).

Connectivity of centerline features in the Utah Roads dataset is actively maintained but an impedance measure has not been actively enforced to date. However, it is possible to use a combination of cartographic feature codes (CARTOCODE field), spatial queries, and the existing values in the SPEED_LMT field to create a relatively crude but effective representation of speed limits that, then, can be used as an input to an impedance measure.

In areas where surface streets are likely to encounter traffic controls at intersections and other congestion, travel time has been increased by a factor of one and a half (1.5). Otherwise the approximate speed limit was used to estimate travel time.

Fields worth noting

  • Impedance, estimated in minutes in direction of line's orientation
  • Impedance, estimated in minutes in the opposite direction of line's orientation

Please reach out to Greg Bunce from UGRC at | 801-349-0039 with questions about this dataset.

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