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This is the 59th UGRC Newsletter

September 2022

There has been a lot of new development going on at UGRC. We have new logos for all of our main products. We introduced some new data to the SGID (open source places) and published some new applications (lidar coverage). It seems as though there is a constant stream of new developments as we try to really integrate GIS usage across the whole State of Utah government diaspora. We look forward to really perfecting the Web API so you can geocode and search across the State Geographic Information Datasource (SGID) in style! 
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From the blog

Python Shorts - Flattening Arrow Code

“Arrow Code” refers to a series of nested if statements that increase your indentation level at each statement, creating an arrow of whitespace when the ifs are mirrored by accompanying else blocks. 

Python Shorts - Unit Testing

In the realm of programming, “unit testing” is an automated way of testing small, individual “units” of your code to ensure that when given a specific set of... Read more

Introducing Masquerade

Masquerade is a new proxy service hosted by UGRC that makes our geocoding service and Open SGID datasets easily accessible in Esri products. It does this by impersonating an Esri locator service. You should be able to use the URL below anywhere you would normally use an Esri geocode service

Weaving The Fabric - Building Authoritative Geospatial Datasets

Many hands make light work.

Municipal Boundaries  - Final update for 2021

Finally the end of 2021 is here. Another year of ups and downs and growth has slowed down. Utah County once again leads the growth with 18 annexations and Cache County is a close second with 16

Is your home close enough to the nearest fire station

Living close to a fire station can be noisy, but on the other hand, not living close enough can result in delayed, or even worse, inadequate fire service. 

Utah Lidar coverage application

To accompany our web pages of lidar projects and downloads from the UGRC Raster Data Discovery application, the Utah LiDAR Coverage application has been created. It depicts the lidar projects that have been proposed, are in progress, or have been completed in Utah. This will allow users to see the distribution of lidar projects over the years and their USGS Quality Level in addition to other information and resources related to the projects. 

Real Quick...

Maps on the Hill 2023 will be held on Tuesday, February 14th, 2023 at 11:00 am to 2:00 pm in the Rotunda of the Utah State Capitol building

Upcoming Events

Check out dates for GIS Services workshops at the Marriott Library
Utah Association of Counties (UAC) annual convention St. George Utah November 15-17

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