Suggested Data Resources

Product Name Type Steward(s) Description
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Air map data AGRC Airport locations, airstrips/runways, and heliports
Highway Route/Milepost Locator web service AGRC Find route and milepost locations to 1/1000th of a mile
Railroads map data AGRC Statewide railroads data, including transit rail
Road and Highway System map data AGRC Statewide road and highway system data for cartography and address location. Includes local streets, mileposts, and numbered exit data.
Street Network Analysis map data AGRC Draft dataset built for statewide network distance analysis from March 2011
Transit map data UTA Routes and stops for buses, light rail and commuter rail
UDOT Business System Data data portal UDOT Utah Department of Transportation geospatial data and services gateway website. Includes detailed data for projects, pavement management, planning, medians, barriers, signs,traffic volume, lanes, etc available in various formats

Other Transportation Data

  • Road datasets published by Census and USGS are also available and are denoted with DLG and TIGER respectively along with the year of release and/or scale.
  • Other datasets available within the SGID.Transportation heading include: Scenic Byways, Scenic Backways, State Fuel Sites, Ports of Entry, Local Government Datasets

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