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Atlas screenshot
esrijs, WebAPI, Discover, UGRC widgets The Utah Atlas with helpful labels and pop-ups when points are clicked on the map.
Watershed Restoration Initiative
esrijs, WebAPI, Discover, ASP.NET WebAPI The Watershed Restoration Initiative website uses a shared web map to enable inter-agency project and resource coordination.
locate.utah.gov (GOED)
Economic Development Map
esrijs, WebAPI, Discover, Utah's Economic Development Map depicts the landscape of what's important to businesses considering relocating to Utah.
Residential Broadband Map
esrijs, WebAPI, Discover, UGRC widgets The map attempts to provide consumers, community leaders, and broadband providers with a comprehensive map-based view of non-confidential data complied by the Utah Broadband Outreach Center.
Environmental Map (DEQ)
Environmental Interactive map
esrijs, WebAPI, Discover, ASP.NET WebAPI, UGRC widgets Search for site-specific information relating to DEQ programs including regulated environmental sites, facilities, and designations.
SGID Raster Search (UGRC)
Raster Data Discovery
esrijs, WebAPI, Discover, Image Server Download all of the imagery, elevation, lidar, and scanned maps available from Utah's SGID.
SGID Parcel Viewer (UGRC)
State Parcel Map
esrijs, WebAPI, Discover, UGRC widgets Zoom in to view parcel boundaries and basic attributes as assembled statewide by UGRC, in coordination with County Recorders.
PLSS Tie Sheet Viewer
PLSS Corner Management
esrijs, WebAPI, Discover, UGRC widgets, ASP.NET MVC A statewide collection of monument locations are accessible to the public from the UGRC PLSS Corner Management Web Application.

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