Residential Broadband Map

Tools for visualizing available broadband providers and speeds

initial view of application
Broadband providers and speeds for a given area


This map attempts to provide consumers, community leaders, and broadband providers with a comprehensive map-based view of non-confidential data compiled by the Utah Broadband Center. Wireless broadband internet data is mapped using coverage area footprints derived from analyzing antennae location, signal strength and terrain. Wireline broadband internet data is mapped using provider reported availability footprints in developed areas. Once a provider’s broadband coverage is initially mapped, data updates take several forms including GIS files, written descriptions, provider created maps, and verbal and written discussions.

Data Origination

This application utilizes data compiled from broadband providers and public sources, including Utah’s State Geographic Information Database (SGID) which is utilized extensively for locating addresses, locating geographic places, and displaying background maps.